Red Packet Hunt!

Red Packet Hunt!

Hunt Time: Feb 14th 1PM SLT - Mar 1st 1PM SLT.

The Spring Festival is here!

This event is celebrated by various Asian cultures in many different ways.

In Chinese tradition, on Spring Festival unmarried folks visit their elder's homes to pay their respects, in return they get rewarded with Red Packets containing money.

In Secondlife, you pay your respects to stores and in return get Red Packets containing gifts!

This hunt is done by relay form --

from the starting point, you need to find the 1st Red Packet to get the LM to the next store and so on.

You are looking for Red envelope.

Each store has 1 Red Packet

LM to the next store will be in the folder.

++AY.LinE++'s prizes.

4 kinds hair.
[[Only Cocoa color]]

2 types corsage.

On the last day of the Spring Festival, Chinese normally call it the "Lantern Festival"

In the last location of the hunt, you will be invited to a special Lantern Festival to experience the tradition -- there are 3 red packets hidden in the last location

Red Packet Hunt - Start Point LM

#1 - !Ohmai


We hope you'll enjoy yourself!

Happy Spring Festival ^^

Designers Participating:

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