New hat releases!

++AY.LinE++NEW hat release!

Attachment : Mouse/R Ear
The texture of the casquette can be changed by the dialog.
(12 Kinds)



New hair releases!

++AY.LinE++NEW hat & hair release!

2 Colors/150L$
Fat Pack(8 Colors)/450L$


++AY.LinE++ Hazelnut

++AY.LinE++ Coconut

The texture of the casquette can be changed by the dialog.
(9 Kinds)


Fashion House opened!!

Fashion House opened!!

Fashion house is opened on 10th to 25th every month.
The venue will display items between 75-125L that are exclusive to the venue.
The items will change once a month.

AY.LinE's product of this month is this!!

Forelock / 3 style set
Ribbon / The texture can be chosen by the dialog. (12 Types)
Colors / Marron,Cream,Charcoal
Price / 100L$ each

!! Sale period / until August the 25th. !!

Fashion House

++Brand List++

- MonS (Ekilem Melodie)
- LiNe (zippir Kayo&Joke Bubble)
- LOQ Hairs (Gia Pawpad)
- III (Keira Seerose)
- TASTY (Veronica Kanya & Bowen Ellsmere)
- Cool Beans (Anyalia Pearl)
- *LP* Designs (Liberty Shinn)
- Acid & Mala Creations (Mala Oh & Acido Ferraris)
- Black & Blue Outfitters(Jacinda Jaxxon&Fiori Ametza)
- CandyDoll (Rebeca Dembo)
- ~*INDIE ROSE*~ (Angelina Eizenberg)
- Fume' (Inex Hax)
- Donna Flora (Squinternet larnia)
- [doll.] (Suri Christen)
- {what next} (Winter Thorn)
- *ICED* (Scarlet Chandrayaan)
- U&R DOGS (Uta Karas & Ruriko Jewell)
- [AV] (miraiwave iwish)
- * Just Me * (Typha Bailey)
- *JD*DESIGN ( Joice Dreamscape)
- Cobrahive ( Chikane Kaligawa)
- [si:n] only.you (eisbluemel String & Severine Serevi)
- .:* LOULOU&CO *:. (Lolly carlberg)
- ~~fairy tail~~ (xxxriexxx Serevi)
- GG&MM Works Station (MJs Morigi)
- Alexohol Fashions (AlexandraM Guisse)
- Holli Pocket (Holli Thespian)
-*TuttiFrutti* (Bela Tolsen)
- Real Living (Mariska Tiponi)
- Ganked (Misti Merryman)
- AY.LinE (Anywa Nyoki)
- TICKETme. (Dottie Dosei )
- [aRAWRa] (Aurora Deischer)
- paper.doll (Zoey Gabardini)
- ISPACHI (Andred Qinan & Diarmuid Miklos)
- .:::GARAGE:::. (Slava Parkin)



KDC HAIR MALL renewal opened.
In MALL, there is a lot of wonderful hair shops!!XD
Check it out:D

There is LB for exclusive use of KDC MALL GROUP.

++AY.LinE++KDC.LB Hair
8 Colors Hair.

The member who is in KDC MALL Group and the member joining from now on get it :))


Group gift[[August]]


Group gift[[July]]
8 Colors Hair.

++AY.LinE++Group gift..August,2010..
(Only group member!!)

With all our thanks :)