Christmas fair.

++AY.LinE++NEW product release!

AY.LinE participates fair at Christmas that has been held at Christmas SIM.
A hair and free Katyusya of the fair limited edition are put.

++AY.LinE++Poinsettia++販売終了品 -SALES END-++
Fair limited product.
The color of the hat can be changed by the dialog.

100L$/ 1 color(3 kinds of forelocks )

Cocoa / Cinnamon / Pear

++AY.LinE++Christmas katyusha++販売終了品 -SALES END-++

Fair limited product.

The color of katyusya can be changed by the dialog.


Flower corsage.

++AY.LinE++NEW product release!

A new product is accessories set of the flower corsage.
It put it near the hat counter.

Head dress [[Nose or Mouth]]
Brooch[[Chest or Spine]]
Elastic on arm [[R or L]]
Ring [[R or L]]

++AY.LinE++Flower Lt. corsage
1 color / 100L$

++AY.LinE++Flower corsage
1 color / 100L$


Chocolate Factory.


Find Secret Chocolate Factory!

The chocolate counter opened to TRIAD TOWN.

Milk, almond, caramel, and strawberry chocolate.
The chocolate bar is being sold by a GACHAGACHA.
Please relish it by all means.

Moreover, a secret chocolate factory was opened. In the chocolate factory
somewhere in the town, the chocolate is made one after another.
The belt conveyer keeps turning in the delivery floor, and a new chocolate
is developed in the laboratory.
The chocolate product might be sold sooner or later.


Hair Extension/Gacha.

++AY.LinE++NEW gacha released!

Gacha of the hair extension.
16 kinds(+ 1 secret) in all. No copy.

attachment on a nose.