Special Fashion Set!

Very profitable GACHAGACHA was put by the town where the main store of ++AY.LinE++ existed !!!

This is a project made from 3 shops (++AY.LinE++, IZUMIYA, and NEWISLE).

8×2(M&F) Versions SpecialFashionSet sold by GACHAGACHA

Hair,Coat,Shirt,Pants/Skirt,Bag,Headphones and Accessories Included(Trans OK).

120L$ / 1 Play

Holding period : Dec,23th,2009 - Jan,17th,2010

Depending on the fate whether to obtain the thing that you want it.
However, it can present this, you can present for your friend :))

Good luck and enjoy it <33

(ΘoΘ)σ Enjoy~~!!
Happy New Year!!

Thank you :D

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